Team CMG aligns its investment focus towards host nation partners whom strive to bring economic normalization to their country. We aim to work closely with countries that demonstrate their efforts toward bringing prosperity to their nation by ensuring our investment strategies are aligned with organic growth of industry capabilities that help realize true potential for their economic goals. 

CMG will coordinate with USG partners below to ensure our mission meets the combined objectives: 

Afghanistan –US Embassy Kabul

Bolivia – US Embassy

Congo – US Embassy in DRC

Mongolia – US Embassy Mongolia

Ukraine – US Embassy Ukraine

Each nation provides tremendous opportunities to address supply chain requirements of critical metals needs of our customer. Allied nations benefit from our state of the art proprietary technology, environmental friendly approach and know-how. Our approach is to harness and develop local talent of our host allied partners to create jobs which help their nation move towards self reliance by bringing value added supply chain into their country for increase revenue growth. 

State Department

State Department Economic & Business Affairs

Development Finance Corporation