CMG mission to provide reliable global supply chain solutions for our host nation allied partners will play a vital role in supporting the most critical challenges of socio-economic issues of our time. 

Team CMG develops best of breed teams across mining, infrastructure, technology and energy. Our focus on turn-key value chain development throughout the supply chain allows our team to work closely with countries and their cross border partners to enhance regional connectivity goals that would act as a catalyst to induce positive economic & trade efforts. 

Our vision to become a leading provider of critical metals leveraging our group capabilities from mine to market enhances our focus towards bringing innovative technology partners to our team to bring needed positive change in collaboration with our host nation allied partners. Together, we are able to provide economic and governance models that help the nation thrive and help advance the common values of investment as a tool towards prosperity and self-reliance.  

Our teaming partners disruptive technology allows our investment portfolio to help enhance transparency, accountability, and boost governance for our allied partner countries throughout the critical metals space for our global customers. The implementation of our investments will act as a catalyst to support progress in mining, logistics, and financial ecosystem of allied partners investment strategy. In addition, developing physical and digital bonded warehouse capabilities linked to CMG global commodities sales network would allow for immediate sale of allied partner mineral wealth leveraging our existing technology platforms. 

To create lasting human capacity value for our partner nations, Team CMG will leverage its partners in education to explore the creation of Center of Excellence in Science & Technology (COEST) that would allow organic growth of local talented students to become leaders in the field of mining and technology. Supporting the future human capacity needs for both Government and Private Sector in their respective country while ensuring success of Team CMG projects in country.