Critical Metal Group (CMG) has been created to address the current concerns of global supply chain of critical metals. CMG primarily focuses on supporting host nation economic normalization strategies that align with USG policy to enhance mining investment and supply chain infrastructure in order to provide needed materials to CMG customers around the globe. Our goal is to combine our collective experience and strategic alliances with industry to deliver reliable and consistent supply of critical metals to our customer base. 

Team CMG is comprised of best of breed partners to provide a solution to the global supply chain challenge of critical metals. CMG is able to operate in austere environments to help host nations develop their logistics infrastructure to enhance the ability to realize their potential country wealth of natural resources. Team CMG offers a turn-key global supply chain from the mine while providing final processing at our teams state of the art separation & processing facilities located in America to service our market.  

CMG is a reliable partner and has over 60+ years of combined experience to support the needs of USG & our customers. Our vertically integrated solution to develop mine to market strategies for critical metals is the value we provide to host nation partners and our clients.  

As a demand driven organization, CMG seeks to become the leading provider of critical metals, working with host nations across the globe to implement strategic and environmentally acceptable practices to meet the current and future demand of high technology, clean energy, and high-end defense customers. 

CMG host nation approach enables partners to maximize economic normalization in their countries as part of our enabling environment initiatives that ensures job creation within the local communities. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in our focus to ensure all processes in country are of the highest environmental friendly operational excellence. 

CMG commitment to excellence allows our strategic partners to reliably support our common objectives to meet market needs. Our strategic alliances with best of breed partners separate us from the competition.