Khaled Khan

Khaled Khan is a serial entrepreneur and business leader with 18+ years of project development experience globally; primarily focused on South East Asia, Middle East, and the Americas.

Creating a social economic investment platform in host nation partner countries by establishing high-end technology-based industries has been the core area of focus. The vision and ethos of this approach is to develop organic manufacturing-focused capabilities that will foster further development of ancillary units in the nation. 

Mr. Khan works with reputable partner companies that specialize in services which meet customer and project requirements. Working closing with international and domestic institutions in its efforts to further economic normalization efforts with allied  host nations worldwide.

Mr. Khan teams understand the constant change in austere environments and develop key strategies to support a sustainable business model for investments with allied partner nations. Project teams are created by strategic alliances, partnership, teaming agreements with domestic and international partners to explore opportunities in the various sectors to support various initiatives. These initiatives are in support of host nation and international community programs aligned with USG policies.